November 1, 2021 - SAEWA Welcomes Newly Appointed Representatives to the Board

SAEWA welcomes our member representatives newly appointed to the Board: 

Jodie Gateman, Director representing Vulcan County

Scott Klassen, Director representing Wheatland County

Scott Thomson, Director representing Picture Butte

Byrne Lammle, Director representing Town of Three Hills

John DeGroot, Member at Large representing MD of Taber

Tanya Foubert, Member at Large representing Town of Canmore



Nov 18



SAEWA Chair Tom Grant greeted AUMA attendees in style as SAEWA presented at this years conference attended by the Alberta Government and Municipal Representatives! Memorable view: Presentation to AUMA  

Apr 01

SAEWA - Covid 19

SAEWA Board have reviewed business meeting protocols based on the Covid - 19 Alberta Health Protocols for self-isolation and have determined that face to face meetings will be alternatively going forward via online platform Zoom until determined to safe to resume face to face.  All public engagement will be temporarily suspended.

Sep 14


Another successful AGM delivered.  Election results announcing Directors Incoming: 1) Member Tom Grant, Town of Vulcan 2) Member John Hamm, Town of Three Hills 3) Member Ray Juska, Newell Regional Solid Waste Mgmt. Authority 4) Member Michael Monner, Vulcan County 5) Member Paul Ryan, MD of Bighorn and Bow Valley Waste Commission 6) Member Greg Sheppard, Special Areas 7) Member Klaas Vanderveen,…

Jun 23

FCM Announces GMF Funding - SAEWA

link - FCM Announces GMF Funding - SAEWA   Government of Canada and FCM announce $72 million for municipal projects demonstrating strong actions on climate change (23/06/2017)   Ottawa, ON — The Honourable Catherine McKenna, Minister of Environment and Climate Change, and Clark Somerville, Past President of the Federation of Canadian Municipalities (FCM) today announced funding for 48 projects…

Feb 02

Southern Alberta Energy from Waste aims to meet province's climate plan...

Southern Alberta Energy from Waste aims to meet province's climate plan. Thursday, February 2, 2017  By Jordan Small   Six potential locations are being investigated for an energy-from-waste facility and the Southern Alberta Energy from Waste Association (SAEWA) says the economic and environmental benefits of having one make sense for Bow Valley municipalities.  After almost two years of extensive…

Jan 13

SAEWA Marks a New Year with a New Strategy

The Strategic Planning process held November 25, 2016 identified (4) focus areas for SAEWA as part of the strategic plan to action. You will find those posted in the Strategic Plan 2016 - 2017.  Our thanks to the Province of Alberta, Culture and Tourism Branch for providing a facilitator, Julie Friesen who was able to help SAEWA accomplish and record more than satisfactory results from the 1-day…

Apr 22

SAEWA Welcomes New Member!

SAEWA is excited to announce that Big Country Waste Management Commission (BCWMC) has become a member! We will enjoy continuing to work with SAEWA member Special Areas, and as well look forward to working with the entire Big Country Waste Management Commission. 

Apr 22

SAEWA also completes Spring Waste Field Sampling events

SAEWA reports excellent results in supply of the detailed analysis that took place in result of completion of the Winter and Spring Waste Stream Characterization analysis field sampling sessions, also in consideration of the partnership that was formed in agreement with the Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA) to collect recycling data analysis on their behalf. Thank you to the membership…

Energy-from-Waste (EfW or waste-to-energy) facilities offer a safe, technologically advanced means of waste disposal while also generating clean, renewable energy, reducing greenhouse gas emissions and supporting recycling through the recovery of metals. According to a 2012 whitepaper released by Solid Waste Association of North America (SWANA), energy-from-waste facilities "are economically sound investments that provide multiple financial and environmental benefits to the communities that utilize them."