1. Tom Grant, Director (CHAIR) (2021 - 2023) - representing Town of Vulcan

2. Kim Craig, Director (2021 - 2023)- representing Town of Coaldale

3. Byrne Lammle, Director (2020 - 2022)- representing Town of Three Hills

4. Ray Juska, Director (2020 - 2022) - representing Newell Regional Solid Waste Management Authority

5. Bob Reid, Director (2021 - 2023) - representing Village of Cremona

6. Paul Ryan, Director (Vice Chair) (2020 - 2022) - representing MD of Bighorn and Bow Valley Waste Commission

7. Greg Sheppard, Director (2020 - 2022) - representing Special Areas

8. Jodie Gateman, Director (2020 - 2022) - representing Vulcan County

9. Scott Klassen, Director (2020 - 2022) - representing Wheatland County

10. Klaas Vanderveen, Director (2020 - 2022) - representing Lethbridge County

12. Scott Thomson, Director (2021 - 2023) - representing Town of Picture Butte

13. Larry Wright, Director (2021 - 2023) - representing Town of Olds


Enabling energy markets of tomorrow The Heads of Delegation reaffirmed the importance of integrated energy markets as part of open, flexible, competitive and transparent global energy markets. They also recognized the need for continued and substantial investments in energy infrastructure and discussed G7 governments’ role in addressing investment barriers. They noted the importance of community engagement and meaningful dialogue to build public confidence in energy projects, including through consultation with women, youth and Indigenous groups. Heads of Delegation expressed their intent to pursue energy market integration as well as measures that will achieve more dynamic, transparent and competitive energy markets and more predictable energy trade. In this regard, they reiterated the importance of greater flexibility of commercial clauses in LNG contracts, including relaxation of destination restrictions, and similar restrictive mechanisms. To this end, they encouraged the sharing of information, on a voluntary basis, of private sector and regulatory best practices.