SAEWA also completes Spring Waste Field Sampling events

SAEWA reports excellent results in supply of the detailed analysis that took place in result of completion of the Winter and Spring Waste Stream Characterization analysis field sampling sessions, also in consideration of the partnership that was formed in agreement with the Alberta Recycling Management Authority (ARMA) to collect recycling data analysis on their behalf.

Thank you to the membership for their cooperation in facilitating the level of organizational success that was achieved in facilitating the sampling events at the (7) locations:

1. Vulcan District Waste Commission,

2. Newell Regional Solid Waste Management Ltd.,

3. Drumheller & District Solid Waste facilitated at an alternative location,

4. South 40 and North 40 combined waste analysis,

5. Mountain View Regional Waste, 

6. Big Country Waste, and

7. Francis Cooke C & D analysis